Ice born mist cloak - shaping, shifting,
Sea sparkled strands of fire and ice.
Reborn Viking souls assembling,
Softly stirring, stumbling, seeking.
Sleeping death since battle claimed them,
Freed from graves' grasp, Hela's bondsmen.

In this new world, grey world, soft world,
Came to new life dreams of old life.
Old ways gone but not forgotten.
Tell the stories, take the sea's way,
Seek the kinsfolk and the comrades,
Loose the war storm, seek new honours.

From pagan dawn to Christ men's cross
That was our time, best time, worst time
Ill at ease with new time, gloom time.
Sail the swans' bath, seek new holm garth,
Take gold gleamings - Grani's burden,
Find again the berserk's war joy.

Know them now - the Ousekjarr war band,
See them gathering one by one.
See the brothers and the sisters,
See they know they once were kinsfolk.
Friendship's bonds are forg'd anew now,

Ousekjarr shield wall - none can break it. 

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